Super Ultrasonic Mouse & Mosquito Repeller

Super Ultrasonic Mouse & Mosquito Repeller
Super Ultrasonic Mouse & Mosquito Repeller
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Aokeman Ultrasonic Mosquito&Mouse Killer



 How to work:                                   

       1. Put the first switch on "MOSQUITO" position, the machine copy the sound of male shaking wings, so that the mosquito will be drived away.
      2. Put the first switch on "OFF" position , the machine will be off for mosquito repeller working.


      3. put the first switch on "DRAGONFLY" position, the machine copy the sound of dragonfly shaking wings, so that the mosquito will be drived away.
      4. Put the second switch on "FIXEDI" position, the machine will working with 26khz fixed ultrasonic frequency.


      5. put the second switch on "OFF" position, the machine will be off for rat repeller working.


      6. put the second switch on "VARIABLEI" positon, the machine will working with 22--65khz variable ultrasonic frequency.


      working theory:


       1. the product with modern ultrasonic electronic tech, can stimulate the nervous system and hearing system of the mouse in control field, so that the mouse fell comfortless and fretful, will get away soon.


       2. the product with energy saving tech, do no harm to human and your pets.

       Main caution:

  • This machine should be installed at 20-80 centimeter away from the floor, directly plug into the power socket,
  • The installing point should be avoided from carpet, curtain etc attaching sound material, and should not be faced to the door or window,  Or else, the decrease of the sound pressure will do harm on the helminthes effect
  • It` s normal that the mouse and vermin will increase at the beginning of the using days, Because they will get away from their living place after the attack of the ultrasonic,
  • This machine can be plug directly to AC 220V (or 110V ) power socket.
  • Caution: moisture proof, waterproof
  • Don`t clean the machine by strong impregnant, water or damp cloth, Use dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the machine
  • Don`t drop the machine and make strong striking on it
  • Using environment temperature: 0-40ºC
  • To increase the effect, you should use several sets machine at the warehouse or goods pile-up, one room use one machine is better.

    Effect Range:
  • This machine will have great effect in 30 square meters for mosquito repeller, and 70 squiare meters for rats repeller  in the room
  • This machine can lustrate kinds of house mouse, mice, rat, etc. So we can call it electronic ultrasonic lustrate mouse machine. Better be used in room.
  • The ultrasonic that sent out from this machine is far away from hearing range of human being, they will not do harm to human being and pets, also will not have affect on house machine,
  • This machine is safety and environment protected, smell-less and flavorless,

           Without dead pest cleanup
Without chemicals
  Without pollutants
 Without poisons
                                          Without smoke                                          
   Without sprays
   Without odors
    Without traps

      Application place:

  1. it applies to the which could not use poison bait and pesticide, eg.: flour processing factory, food processing factory, rice factory, pharmaceutical factory, animal feed factory, granary, etc.
  2. it applies to the places which are harassed by mouse and pests, e.g.: theater, restaurant, supper market, department store, hotel, hospital, etc.
  3. it applies to the places which are always bitten by mouse and pests, e.g.: drug-store, haberdashery, food shop, furniture store, etc.
  4. it applies to villa, house, room used air condition, dining-room, storeroom, etc. 


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